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Welcome to The Bumble

Hello, and welcome to The Bumble.

It’s been a long, hard, painful journey over the past few years, and it’s taken me a while to come to terms with the reality of it all. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a few years now, and heartbreakingly, it’s still a difficult experience that we’re in the midst of going through.

The Bumble is a place for me to express my feelings, share a little about what we’ve been through and most importantly, hopefully help others going through a similar situation. I hope The Bumble can be a friendly outlet where you can find help & support along the roller coaster experiences of miscarriage, IVF, infertility and difficult pregnancies.

I wanted to start The Bumble a while ago, but it was only after my most recent 4th miscarriage that I knew the time was right. It’s been an exhausting, emotionally-draining couple of years for myself and my husband. We’ve gone through successive rounds of IVF that have all ultimately ended in miscarriage – and it’s heartbreaking. There are no words of comfort. Miscarriage is painful, exhausting and drains you of hope – it’s a rubbish time for anyone to go through, full stop, and there’s very little anyone can do to help you get through it at the time. Time heals, we all know that deep down. But it can be an incredibly lonely time, and it’s important to know you’re not the only one out there going through this. We can offer & accept strength from others who understand.

We kept our journey private for so long, and it was the right decision for us at the time. We had to learn to deal with things at our own pace first, without external (well-intended) pressures from family and friends. But now, 4 tries later, it’s actually more effort to keep this to ourselves. It’s tiring choosing to lie and conceal everything, and for me now, it’s actually quite liberating to be able to talk about it all in the open and release just even a fraction of the  built-up stress that has naturally developed.

I hope this is where The Bumble comes in useful for others, too. Somewhere you can read similar stories, find information on various treatments, explore possible new avenues, get advice on supplements and diet, and share experiences from many walks of life to help with your own journey and recovery.

Even though I’ll be sharing my thoughts and feelings, I’d like to offer a welcome hug for other women who’ve gone through a difficult time getting pregnant to be able to tell their stories. I’d also welcome all family and friends of women and couples on this journey, and hope you can use it as a resource to learn a little more, to understand and to help.

There’s no hard or fast rule for getting through IVF, battling infertility, and surviving miscarriage – we all have our different ways of coping, we receive different pieces of advice from various clinics, and we have different ways to cope with our emotions. But it’s always good to remember that we’re not alone in this, and we can hopefully offer support and a shoulder to each other …





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