IVF · Miscarriage

Why ‘The Bumble’?

‘The Bumble’ seemed the perfect name to me, for so many reasons.

Firstly, ‘bumble’ seems a pretty pleasant and ‘polite’ way to describe the journey I’ve been on as a woman who can’t have children easily – trust me, I could think of many others words!

It’s a wobble, a lumber, a flounder, a shamble, a muddle, a falter. It’s an obstacle that myself and countless others have to overcome every time we try to get pregnant, be it naturally or via assisted conception. It’s the stumbles of having countless tests, dragging yourself through rounds of IVF, living & breathing according to the stupid smiley faces of ovulation kits, and the countless to-ing and fro-ing of appointments with the doctor. So, I decided to embrace the word Bumble to describe my own various (and seemingly never-ending) ‘bumbles’.

Secondly, I’ve had to inject myself countless times with all sorts of IVF and blood thinning drugs, and quite frankly, they sting like hell! So our old friend the bumble bee is not a bad mascot for the journey I’m on (it’s better than a long pointy syringe, for sure)

And thirdly, regardless of injections, it stings and hurts to have a failed pregnancy. To have had the hope of a little baby taken away from you be it due to infertility issues, implantation problems, or to miscarry at any stage of pregnancy. Sting truly doesn’t even cover it (it’s more like a wrench being whacked into your heart), but it’s a start.

So The Bumble was born. A place to embrace & heal on this stumbling journey to pregnancy…


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