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The Dreaded 2 Week Wait

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone through IVF or are just working off ovulation tests and basal body temperature, the 2 week wait is an excruciatingly annoying time. In the history of the world, time has never ticked by as slowly as it does during the 2ww, I’m sure of it!

So, how do you get through the dreaded 11-14 days of waiting to test? Well, everyone has their own tried and tested methods and rituals I’m sure, but I thought I’d pop down what I’ve done in the past. Maybe you’ve done exactly the same or completely differently – let me know in the comments, be good to share with others.

Also, you’ve got to remember that no matter what:


Remember this. Recite it to yourself 10 times per day. Sleep with it stuck to the ceiling in your bedroom. Magnet it to the fridge, if necessary. But remember it. If the embryo is going to implant, it will implant. Besides general sensible rules (like no heavy lifting etc) there is very little you can do to affect whether an embryo will become a healthy baby, so stop beating yourself up.


Embryo Transfer

Depending on the age of the embryo that’s popped back into you, determines how long your actual 2ww is:

2 Day Embryo – You’ll test 14 days after your transfer

3 Day Embryo – Test 13 days after transfer

5 Day Embryo – Test 11 days after transfer

These timings are all to do with how much the embryo has to develop once it’s been transferred in your womb. A 5-Day Embryo (also know as a Blastocyst) is already 3 days ahead of a 2-Day embryo, so is more advanced by the time it goes into your womb and should implant quicker (hence, you can test just 11 days after a Blastocyst transfer)

No matter the age of the embryo you transfer, the pregnancy hormone, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) will start to increase after implantation occurs. It’s this HCG which is measured when we do our test and ‘pee on a stick’ – very unceramonious, I know.



You’ve heard about the pineapple advice, yes? Well, if not, the idea is that you have a slice of fresh pineapple every day for 5 days starting on the day of embryo transfer (ET). So, if you’re naturally trying to get pregnant, this would be around 5-6 days after you ovulate.

I’ve done it each and every time. Not saying that’s why the embryos implanted, but I’ve done it nonetheless and (coincidentally?) always had implantation.

The logic behind it is that pineapple core contains an enzyme called bromelain that basically acts as nature’s aspirin. It’s a blood thinner, a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. The logic behind eating it is that it should drive more blood to the uterus, encourage ‘sticky’ embryos, and reduce any inflammation in the womb for women with immune implantation issues.

If you’re going to do the pineapple thing, make sure you eat it fresh, as it’s the core that matters. If you don’t do the pineapple thing, then that’s equally good as well! Do what makes you feel better – I personally love pineapple, so it’s just a great excuse to buy one! 🙂


Rest up

There are many schools of thought on this. Some doctors say to rest for up to 48 hours after embryo transfer, some day go straight back to normal life, others caution resting for longer if you’ve had issues in the past……you get where I’m going with this? THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG as long as it’s right for you.

If you’re going to rest up, then make sure you do some gentle walking when you can, just to keep the blood flowing and your muscles from locking. And if you’re going to be active, stay clear of anything too exhausting or lifting anything heavy  for now.

I always rest up for 48 hours after ET. Not complete bed rest, but more like sofa time with a book, magazines, some TV and cosy food. I’m lucky that I can do that with my job, but not everyone can (nor wants to). I find it also helps me to mentally relax, I can always have a quick snooze if I need to, and it feels beneficial to me so I do it.

Whatever you decide or need to do, just listen to your body as much as you can, whether at work or home.



I hate socks. Seriously, my feet push them off whenever I have them on! I love being bare-footed whether in winter or spring, much to the chagrin of both my mum and mother-in-law.

BUT, when it comes to the 2ww (and a few days before ET) I force myself to wear socks all the time. In Chinese medicine there’s a link between warm feet and warm uterus, and if you suffer from ‘cold’ diseases like mucus and candida, there’s a chance you have a naturally cold uterus as it is (I certainly reckon I do, as Candida is an ailment I suffer from) So grab those toasty socks and slippers!


Warm foods

It’s said that you should eat warm cooked foods during the 2WW. Apparently raw foods take too much energy to consume and digest, steering the energy away from your embryo. Whether this is steeped in partial truth or old wives tale, I can’t call. But eating warm foods is bound to make you feel cosy and snug anyway, so at the very least be comforting to you 🙂


Keep your Mind busy

Even if you can’t be as active as you normally are, make sure your brain has an endless supply of distractions to get you through the 2 week wait. Be it TV shows, magazines, diary writing, crafts, learning a language, taking photographs… make sure that your mind has plenty to keep it occupied besides counting off the excruciatingly-long minutes. I’ve got a list of loads of stuff I’ve done with all my transfers, so will share with you and you might find something that suits you, too 🙂






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