Embryo Transfer Timeline

So, you’re wondering what happens and when after you’ve had an embryo transfer.

It’s a weird feeling to have – you’ve left the hospital and know there’s an embryo inside you. Will it hatch, will it implant, will it become the precious little miracle you hope for? Only time will tell of course, and the next 11-14 days will likely feel the longest of your year so far (check out the 2 week wait post for tips on survivial :))

With lots of sleepless nights on my hands over the past couple of years, I’ve looked up the timetable of the embryo’s journey countless  times (understatement) so thought I’d just do a colourful little chart here to simplify the adventure your embryo is on inside your womb.

Typically, embryo transfers are done as 3 Day and 5 Day transfers these days, so I’ve kept it simple with just these two mainstream timelines. (If you’ve done a 2 Day transfer, simply add an extra day to the 3 Day guide below 🙂 )

Hope it’s useful, and feel free to share with anyone you know going through IVF or about to.




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